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In our model we preserve the majority of the land as green space by creating village and hamlet development clusters in order to preserve the rural character of the property through conservation-oriented development with the following core principles:

Core Principles

Conservation and Restoration of the Land

In suburban character zones preserve a minimum of 60% of the buildable area of the land as green space in perpetuity with a conservation easement. This includes restoration of woodlands and streams. See for conservation framework.

Organic Farm

The preserved green space will include a farm that produces vegetables and fruits farmed by a professional farmer. Farm subscriptions are offered first to the homeowners and second to close neighbors of Pendergrast Farm.  The goal of the farm is to sustain in perpetuity.


Provide for an intergenerational community in which residents and close by neighbors (associate members) have opportunities to share time together and participate in a variety of activities in the common areas. These activities include crafts, gardening, culinary activities, clubs, nature based and recreational activities. The common house will serve as a place for residents to come together as an “extended living room” for farm to table events, group meals, home theatre, crafts and workshop space.

Sustainable and Durable Homes

Develop durable/low maintenance homes with EarthCraft certification and options to upgrade to Solar – Net Zero Energy Home.

Health and Wellness

Create an environment that supports healthy lifestyle choices including active living (walk/bike to local destinations), swimming, farm fresh produce, hiking trails and neighbors you know. Provide homes for a superior indoor air quality. Provide homes designed for intergenerational families that can be adapted for persons with disabilities and for aging in place.

Pedestrian Priority

Design a development that prioritizes the pedestrian experience. Minimize automobile impacts on the character of the community to create an optimal pedestrian experience. Increase car efficiency through opportunities for shared or lease on demand vehicles to reduce numbers of cars needed. Reinforce connections to outside walking and bicycling destinations such as schools, shopping, and recreational trails.

Sustainable Community Model

Facilitate promoting this model for conservation oriented land use and sustainable development with occasional tours of the gardens and sustainable buildings and periodic educational workshops.

Connect with nature.

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