Live in Atlanta’s Premier Conservation Community

Featuring an On-site Urban Farm.

Join us in creating a conservation community preserving the last key remnant of farm and woodland on Briarcliff Rd, where we emphasize sustainability of the land, fellowship with our neighbors and a community farm. We believe that homes can be healthy, efficient and timeless. We choose better over bigger, smarter over grander and health over expediency.

We are Atlanta’s foremost conservation village

– a pocket neighborhood located just minutes from Decatur and downtown Atlanta, yet an oasis nestled among old growth trees.

Preserving the rural character of a historic farm through conservation-oriented development.

Our conservation community is based on conservation and stewardship of land, resource-sharing, fellowship and connection to nature.

Our Community will have:

  • Urban organic farm
  • 5 acres of woodlands with natural trails and stream
  • Pool
  • Common House

We will have 20 new green and energy efficient homes, well built for well being. These homes will range from earth craft and healthy home certified to the potential for net zero solar homes including:

  • Cutting edge smart home technologies
  • Wellness and healthy air systems

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70% of the site will be preserved as green space with a conservation easement.

Woodlands and streams will be restored.

An organic sustainable farm will produce fruits and vegetables available first to homeowners.


Pedestrian Priority – the village is pedestrian friendly, reducing dependence on cars.

Health and Wellness – the design of the development supports healthy lifestyles.

Sustainable homes – durable and low maintenance.


Well built for well being.

  • Environmental Sustainability – builders adhere to best practices during all phases of construction.
  • Healthy air systems using the DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence network.
  • Cutting edge smart home technologies.


A community focused on nurturing inclusion, community and fellowship through group activities such as crafts, gardening, culinary activities, clubs and nature based recreational activities.

Earth Craft Homes

Woodland Acres

Organic Farm


Land Preserved

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